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 Your Attitude depends on your Altitude  Professional Wrestler 
Mike Flyte
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 Mike Flyte Bio
Mike Flyte hails from Pennsylvania. He is an experienced commercial pilot ready to make a hard landing on all of his opponents. He stands 6'2" and weighs 250 lbs. Mike is a warm and charasmatic individual and is looking to make the wrestling world "feel his turbulence". He is making WXW his parking spot for the time being as he hones his wrestling skills. The Flyte is looking for a "Flyte Attendant" to accompany him during his travels.

Let the E-mails begin.

 Mike Flyte Facts
  • Flyte is the world's first commercial airline pilot to ever step in the squared circle.
  • Mike Flyte is the greatest pilot ever known to man. Chuck Yeager, Who is he??
  • Flyte has landed in the WXW and is looking for a runway in the WWE.
  • Mike Flyte was voted the "Most Successful Pilot" in the history of manned flight. Eat your heart out Lindy.
  • Mike Flyte shoots approaches smoother than any Captain for U.S.Airways.
  • Flyte has been known to have his own Flyte Department. Look out Travolta.
  • He is looking to recruit Jeff "The Future" Coleman and "Sinister X"
  • Pilot Hank is Mike Flyte's safety pilot, whenever he feels like it!
  • Mike Flyte negotiated Gene Snitsky's contract with WWE because he is the greatest sports agent ever.

  •  Track the Flyte
    1. Go to flytecomm.com
    2. Click on "Track a Flight"
    3. Under Advanced Users (because you're all so smart) enter the Flyte's private aircraft number NPX500, and keep me company at altitude.
    The Flyte is in many cities; Catch him if you can...
     Flyte Store
    Mike Flyte T-Shirts are here! High quality, 100% cotton shirts featuring the Flyte's slogan "Your Attitude Depends on Your Altitude!" on the back, and Mike Flyte "Wings" logo on the front.  [Order Here...]

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